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kVA by UL functional safety consultants have decades of experience in automotive product development. Our certified Functional Safety Professionals understand automotive engineering in detail. We provide real-world safety assurance solutions for your hardware, software, or systems.

As your consultant, we work with you to develop strategies and processes to achieve compliance to tough standards like ISO 26262. We can guide you through safety analysis methods, whether qualitative or quantitative, such as FTA, FMEA, and FMEDA.

Our technical services include hosting workshops, training your personnel, implementing a safety culture, coordinating audit and assessment, and performing safety analysis on an outsourced basis. We get the job done for our clients, on time and under budget, for programs where safety is non-negotiable.

The list of work products below are all required by the ISO 26262 standard. These documents are critical to your functional safety case and require functional safety expertise to develop. kVA by UL can work alongside your development team to create the following ISO 26262 work products:

  • Safety Plan (Part 2-6)
  • Audit, Assessment and Confirmation Reviews (Part 2-6)
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (Part 3-6)
  • Functional Safety Concept (Part 3-7)
  • Technical Safety Concept (Part 4-6)
  • System-Level Safety Analysis – FMEA or FTA (Part 4- 6)
  • Hardware Safety Requirements (Part 5-6)
  • Hardware Metrics Calculation with FMEDA (Part 5-8, 5-9)
  • Hardware Verification & Testing Plan (Part 5-10)
  • Software Safety Requirements (Part 6-6)
  • Software Safety Analysis (Part 6-7)
  • Software Verification & Testing Plan (Part 6-9, 6-10, 6-11)
  • System Integration and Test Plans (Part 4-7)
  • Software Tool Confidence Reports (Part 8-11)

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Autonomous Vehicles

A future with driverless cars has the potential to make our roads safer by eliminating many driver caused accidents.  But to get there, automotive OEMs need to apply safety principles to advanced systems for image processing, path planning, and vehicle dynamic controls.  And unlike in more traditional systems, there’s little to draw from past mass-production experience.  kVA by UL’s safety consultants can apply principles of risk management and safety assurance to your advanced automated-driving vehicle, whether it’s low-level automation or full level-5 autonomous driving.



Today’s cars are powered in a variety of ways, from traditional IC engines to hybrids, electrics, and alternate-fuel power plants.  Transmission and driveline options can be overwhelming, with DSG and direct-drive gearboxes competing with traditional torque-converter automatics. Whether your safety concern is propulsion, deceleration, immobilization, or charge control, kVA by UL’s safety consultants bring expertise and practical know-how to assure the safety of your powertrain.

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Electronic systems rely on safety architectures implemented in the microcontroller domain. The new ISO 26262 part 11 deals with a wide variety of topics related to semiconductor development for safety, from verification processes to failure rate estimation to IP safety mechanisms. kVA by UL can help you develop safe semiconductor products using safe processes, and work with auditors and assessors to provide the documents necessary for certification.


Steering & Chassis

Steering and stopping a vehicle, the two most important functions in safe vehicle control, have seen a lot of advancements in recent years. These functions now include ABS, traction & stability control, lane-keeping and automated steering. But as these functions advance to a higher and more intuitive state, the maintenance of safety becomes more challenging.  kVA by UL knows about the intricacies of steering and braking, and can tailor an approach for your project to assure the safety of these most safety-critical functions.



Every driver wants a helping hand to keep them safe.  But no driver wants interference from malfunctioning electronics.  Safe driver assistance systems must detect and react to situations seamlessly to become an extension of the driver. kVA by UL understands the complexities of ADAS and the principles of functional safety.  We can help you mitigate your risks and assure the safe function of your ADAS systems, no matter their complexity.



Hybrid and electric cars have been on the road for over a decade and are becoming a common sight on city streets. High voltage power, battery-management, and torque security all play a vital role in developing the safety case. kVA by UL’s experts have experience in advanced technologies including in-hub motors, BMS controls, advanced charging systems, and more.

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Heavy Truck & Bus

Heavy trucks and buses now also fall under the scope of ISO 26262. And yet this industry is unique, with a different industry structure and different requirements and duty cycles. kVA by UL has expertise in the heavy-vehicle industry and knows how to work with both OEMs and suppliers to define and implement safe, well-integrated systems that meet the ISO 26262 requirements.


Body & Interior

Body controllers perform a wide variety of functions for customer convenience, comfort, and safety.  The complexity of these functions, and the tailoring of control functions to specific vehicle configurations, makes traceability a challenge.  kVA by UL helps you navigate this complexity to assure your safety-critical cabin functions, maintaining safety for drivers and passengers alike.



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Consulting Workshops

Standards provide methodologies on how to reduce risk using various industry-accepted assurance frameworks. Through interactive engagement, kVA by UL offers private consulting workshops that challenge practicing engineers to start gaining traction on safety activities early on in product development.

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