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medini analyze is a software toolset supporting safety analysis for electronically-controlled safety related functions. It is tailored to ISO 26262 and integrates architectural/functional design with functional safety analysis methods. Such methods include driving situation analysis, hazard and risk analysis, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Mode and Effects Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA), and calculation of hardware architectural metrics. medini analyze allows for consistent and efficient application of ISO 26262 for the functional safety analysis at concept, system, software and hardware level.

With medini analyze, your FTAs and FMEDAs are built and maintained in a single analysis environment.  Underlying FIT rate calculations from industry-recognized sources such as IEC 62380 and SN 29500, are contained within the tool, saving you time and effort. Design elements and fault models be stored in libraries for re-use across your enterprise. And the tool calculates all the required metrics of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508, providing you with the most relevant safety information at your fingertips.

medini analyze is developed by ANSYS medini Technologies AG of Berlin, Germany.

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Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

• Graphical editor for quantitative and qualitative FTA
• Automatic layout and support to handle large fault trees in multiple diagrams
• Creation of events and subtrees by drag & drop of architecture
• Elements or failure modes from architecture models
• Determination and evaluation of minimal cut-sets to find out their probability
• Importance measures such as Birnbaum, Fussell-Vesely and Criticality
• Seamless navigation from cut-sets to elements of the system design
• Automatic re-calculation of probabilities after design changes

FMEDA and ISO 26262 Part 5 Hardware Metrics

• FMEDA with Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) computation
• Calculation of Single Point Fault Metric (SPF) and Latent Fault Metric (LF)
• Safety element out of context support
• Automatic synchronization of failure mode and failure rate data from architecture model
• Specification of cause/effect chains and automatic calculation of failure rates
• Extensible catalog of safety mechanisms according to part 5 of ISO 26262
• Default SPF/LF coverage for safety checks
• Rich validation and consistency checks
• Traceability of safety mechanisms to requirements and SW/HW implementation

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

• Standard template for design and process FMEA
• End-to end cause/effect chains across abstraction levels
• Automatic computation of Risk Priority Number (RPN)
• Customization with user attributes
• Excel import for legacy integration
• Connection to requirements management and task management

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment (HARA)

• Table-based management of driving situations and hazardous events
• Support for driving situation catalogs with drag & drop
• Matrix for easy combination of malfunctions and driving situations
• Customization with user attributes
• ISO 26262 compliant ASIL determination
• Comprehensive traceability
• Derivation of safety goals