From autonomous vehicles (AVs) to electric vehicles, functional safety, autonomy safety, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and vehicle homologation, kVA by UL’s service offerings have grown exponentially over the past few years to keep up with automotive innovations and Industry 4.0.

Today’s automotive industry is very process-driven, and the complexity of product development and regulatory requirements demands more attention than ever before. Software-intensive systems have become a crucial focus area for automotive original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers. With the race to fully autonomous vehicles well underway, advanced driver-assist systems are in production.

So how can kVA by UL help you navigate best practices for these complex processes, including standards compliance, during this transformative time? Here are three of our key offerings that can help get you on the fast track:

1. Comprehensive training

If you’re looking to expand your automotive and mobility safety competency, look no further. UL offers several training courses for electric and shared vehicles with optional certification. Visit our training page to learn more. Remote learning options are available, with on-demand content coming soon.

2. Hands-on consulting

Engineers with kVA by UL have contributed to the success of more than 100 automotive programs for more than a decade, supporting product leads, quality leads, systems engineers and functional safety teams worldwide. Whether you need long-term support or a half-day workshop, we believe in taking a partnership approach to help our customers write requirements, close gaps and discover areas for improvement when developing electronic systems per the ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 standards. Our colleagues at Method Park by UL also provide related services in Automotive SPICE® and process quality for software-intensive systems development.

3. Process management software

In July 2021, UL acquired Method Park. Method Park by UL specializes in complex product engineering in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries. Stages, Method Park by UL’s process management tool, facilitates the definition, implementation and monitoring of development and business processes. Stages can help organizations ensure compliance with predefined quality standards and integrate process models into all common development environments. Furthermore, Stages facilitates the global distribution of development tasks beyond any geographical boundaries.

If you’re interested in learning more about automotive functional safety, autonomy safety, compliance tools and processes from a safety standards perspective, our team would love to hear from you. To speak with one of our engineers about our availability for onsite or virtual training and consulting support, contact

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