Three-Day Course Overview

This three-day training provides a comprehensive overview of the IEC 61511:2016 and ANSI/ISA 61511:2018 standards for the process industry. The complete safety life cycle of IEC 61511 will be discussed by industry experts, and practical examples and exercises will be provided.

IEC 61511 Training Topics

  • Overview of IEC 61508 versus IEC 61511
  • Historic incidents and the history of the development of standards
  • Functional safety definition and management according to IEC 61511
  • Terms and concepts of functional safety
    • Safety instrumented system (SIS) and function (SIF)
    • Safety integrity level (SIL)
    • Reliability and failure rates
    • SIF architectures (1oo1, 1oo2, 2oo3, etc.)
    • Hardware fault tolerance (HFT) and safe failure fractions (SFF)
    • Probability of failure on demand (PFD) and per hours (PFH)
  • Mitigation and prevention levels of hazardous events
    • Risk reduction with prevention layers
  • Process hazard and risk analysis
    • Risk management
    • Hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP)
    • Fault tree analysis (FTA)
  • Allocation of SIL levels to SIFs
    • SIF identification
    • Risk graph and layers of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • SIS safety requirements specification (SRS)
    • SIF requirements for hardware and application programs (AP)
  • SIS design and SIL verification
    • SIL verification by systematic capability, architectural constraints and PFD
    • How to choose the right instruments
  • Installation, commissioning and validation requirements
  • Operation, maintenance, modifications and decommissioning
    • Requirements to operate and maintain the SIS
    • Proof testing and inspection for every SIF
    • Maintenance override switch (MOS) structure
  • Functional safety assessment (FSA) and re-verifications

Optional UL-CFSP Exam

Participants who complete all three days of training are eligible to take a two hour certification exam on the morning of the fourth day. Those who pass the exam are individually certified as a UL Certified Functional Safety Professional in IEC 61511 or UL-CFSP.