Two-Day Course Overview

As the automotive industry continues its trajectory toward more software-centric and connected solutions, cyber threats are increasing in frequency and severity. With cybersecurity as an essential part of design and development, mastering secure C and C++ coding is no longer optional — it’s essential.

Our comprehensive course equips participants with a strong understanding of the intersection between cybersecurity and software by linking the critical foundations of software engineering with industry-specific cybersecurity insights. Exercises and examples are used within the presentation to enhance this understanding and provide a big picture view of C and C++ specific vulnerabilities, attack patterns and mitigations under an automotive lens.

Training Topics

  • Overview, background and need for automotive cybersecurity
  • The essential software engineering foundation
    • Software development life cycle
    • Principles and best practices for architectural design and unit design
    • Best practices for architectural analysis
  • The cybersecurity foundation
    • Secure coding
    • Cryptography
    • Secure boot and other hardware-specific functions
    • Secure operating systems
    • Access control
    • Intrusion, detection and protection systems
    • Secure software updates
  • Cybersecurity deep dive
    • C and C++ specific vulnerabilities, attacks and mitigations
    • Automotive-specific vulnerabilities, attacks and mitigations
    • Anatomy of an attack and attack flow
    • Defense in depth
  • Ensuring security
    • Verification and validation
    • Penetration testing
    • Continuous cybersecurity activities