Two-Day Course Overview

This two-day training session covers the full ten part ISO 26262 standard for functional safety of automotive systems, with an emphasis on the standard’s impact on engineering processes and products.

kVA’s trainers are knowledgeable in the practical application of ISO 26262. Multiple interactive examples are utilized throughout the training to demonstrate key concepts of ISO 26262 implementation.

ISO 26262 Training Topics

Day 1

  • Background and Scope of ISO 26262
  • Key Definitions of Terms
  • Concepts of Functional Safety Management
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Functional Safety Concept
  • Technical Safety Requirements

Day 2

  • Software and Hardware Requirements
  • Practice Exercise for Single-Point & Latent Fault
  • Hardware Metrics & Failure Rate Classification
  • Freedom from Interference
  • Tool Qualification
  • ASIL Decomposition
  • Safety Element out of Context