Half-Day Course Overview

This half-day training session covers functional safety for the executive manager, using the state-of-the-art ISO 26262 standard as a guiding template.

The goal is to inform managers and responsible engineers of the implications of ISO 26262 to the company, its products and processes. The session begins with an introduction to the core concepts of functional safety, the ISO 26262 standard, and the Functional Safety Management framework. The standard’s concept for the systems, hardware, and software requirements are reviewed from a management perspective. This training is broken into two modules with a short break in between. Time is reserved at the end of the training session for interactive Q&A.

ISO 26262 Training Topics

  • Safety Management
  • Item Definition
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Functional and Technical Safety Concepts
  • Safety Requirements
  • Hardware Metrics
  • Software Process Requirements
  • Validation and Assessment Processes