One-Day Course Overview

kVA by UL Solutions’ trainers are knowledgeable in the practical application of ISO 24089. We understand the engineering processes and analyses required to successfully implement consumer software updates. Software developers and automotive cybersecurity engineers would benefit from our training offering for this subject.

Our comprehensive course equips participants with an understanding of the critical building blocks of software update management systems, with a strong emphasis on applying ISO 24089 to successfully perform software update activities. The training leverages exercises and case studies to enhance learners’ understanding of the principles behind a safer and more secure software update management system.

Training Topics

  • Overview, background and need for software updates
  • Automotive software update mechanisms
    • Update via physical methods
    • Wireless/over-the-air (OTA) updates
    • The update framework (TUF)
    • Uptane – Securing Software Updates for Automobiles
  • ISO 24089 deep dive
    • Organizational processes
    • Software update project processes
    • Infrastructure functions
    • Vehicle and vehicle system functions
    • Software update package assembly
    • Software update campaign
  • Case study – Applying ISO 24089 principles and requirements in real life