Steering & Chassis

kVA by UL has deep expertise in the development of safety-assured steering & chassis systems, including:

  • FMEA and Technical Safety Concept for Electric-Hydraulic Steer Assist – kVA by UL led the development of ISO 26262 system-level work products for an electronically-controlled hydraulic power steering assist, including system design, inductive safety analysis using FMEA, and technical safety concept definition.
  • Safety Case & Assessment for ASIL D Steer Sensor – kVA by UL provided in-depth analysis and safety management support, including calculation of ASIL D hardware metrics with both FMEDA and FTA, for multiple steering sensor designs. kVA by UL also led engagement with safety assessors, resulting in successful assessment and subsequent release for production.
  • Brake-by-Wire Controller FMEDA – kVA by UL led the development an ASIL D FMEDA for a major tier-1 braking system supplier. The FMEDA considered over 600 unique hardware components and was used to calculate all ISO 26262 hardware metrics including SPFM, LFM, and PMHF.
  • Steering Safety Requirements Definition – kVA by UL facilitated the transition of steering and steer-assist safety requirements into an ISO 26262 framework at a major OEM, including the update and translation of safety requirements into the ISO 26262 framework.