kVA by UL has provided full safety case work products for several production-electric vehicle programs, such as:

  • Engine and Transmission HARA and Safety Concepts – kVA by UL led the development of full hazard analysis and risk assessment (HARA) for new engine and transmission developments at a major OEM. These safety goals were then flowed down to functional- and technical- safety concepts for implementation by suppliers.
  • Shifter Safety Case with ISO 26262 – kVA by UL provided comprehensive ISO 26262 safety case support to a tier-1 automotive supplier developing a clean-sheet PRNDL shifter, with full by-wire authority including park functions.
  • Transfer Case HARA – kVA by UL led the development of a HARA, including ASIL determination and safety goal definition for a 4WD transfer case with shift-by-wire capability.
  • Functional Arbitration for Powertrain Torque Request – kVA by UL led a series of workshops and discussions on the topic of torque security arbitration for a major OEM, resulting in a technical guideline for safe arbitration of torque requests to be defined at Functional Safety Concept stage.