2.5-Day Course Overview

This course establishes guiding principles and best-practices for autonomous vehicle safety as described in the ISO 21448 standard.

The course agenda closely aligns to the ISO 21448 standard, and the relevant certification is for autonomous and semi-autonomous (or ‘automated driver assist’) systems, ranging from Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) autonomy levels 1-5. Several group exercises and work examples are included to illustrate key concepts on relevant real-world automotive technologies and systems.

ISO 21448 Training Topics

  • Introduction to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV)
  • Safety of the Intended Function (SOTIF)
  • The ISO 21448 framework for SOTIF
  • ADAS and AV system specification and design
  • Hazard identification and risk analysis
  • Acceptance criteria, validation targets and validation effort using rationale such as:
    • Globalement au moins aussi bon or “globally at least as good” (GAMAB)
    • “As low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP)
    • “Minimal endogenous mortality” (MEM)
  • Analysis of functional insufficiencies and triggering conditions using various methods such as failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA), and systems theoretic process analysis (STPA)
  • Functional modifications to reduce SOTIF risks
  • Developing a complete verification and validation strategy
  • Verification: evaluating known hazardous scenarios using scenario testing at the system and vehicle levels
  • Validation: evaluating unknown hazardous scenarios using simulation and test
  • Defining a criteria for SOTIF release and the associated SOTIF release process
  • Operating phase activities necessary for post-release implementation in the field
  • An introduction to other relevant safety standards in ADAS and AV
  • Process-oriented requirements for safety development processes
  • Wrap-up and discussion topics

Optional UL-CASP Exam

Participants who complete all 2.5-days of training are eligible to take a two hour certification exam in the afternoon of the third day. Those who pass the exam are individually certified as a UL Certified Autonomy Safety Professional in ISO 21448.