Two-Day Course Overview

This two-day training course describes emerging methods and frameworks for the development of safe autonomous vehicles. Both fully autonomous and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) will be covered.

The majority of the course describes methods and tools for the Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), based primarily on the ISO/PAS 21448 standard. Additionally, key concepts related to autonomous vehicles are presented from the ISO 26262 and UL 4600 Standards.

Training Topics

  • Overview of advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles
  • Standards and frameworks overview
    • ISO/PAS 21448
    • ISO 26262
    • UL 4600
  • SOTIF terms and definitions
  • Functional and system specification
  • Hazard analysis for SOTIF
  • Evaluation of triggering events
  • Functional modifications to reduce SOTF-related risks
  • Definition of a verification and validation strategy
  • Verification of the SOTIF
  • Validation of the SOTIF
  • SOTIF release
  • Integration of ISO/PAS 21448 methodology with ISO 26262
  • Integration of ISO/PAS 21448 methodology with UL 4600
  • Additional topics in autonomy safety