Let’s face it: ISO 26262 is tough. We often talk with automotive OEMs and suppliers who are overwhelmed with ISO 26262 implementation.

Practitioners are overwhelmed by two features of the standard.  First, ISO 26262 is comprehensive in nature. That makes it a daunting framework that covers a lot of space… software, hardware, systems, and even management and supplier-engagement processes. Secondly: ISO 26262 has only a scant few worked examples. Frustrated engineers often ask “How can we build our knowledge as practitioners without seeing what to practice?”

These are hard questions. That’s why we offer our in-depth certification course, Functional Safety and ISO 26262, in partnership with SGS-TUV. This course gives you a comprehensive view of the entire standard, covering each part and all the major clauses within ISO 26262. Nothing is left out or glossed over. As we train, we provide multiple specific practical examples to help build your knowledge. These examples are worked interactively with the training attendees, in an environment where questions can be answered in depth. Those who complete this course have learned the whole framework… and they can practice what they’ve learned.

I’m looking forward to teaching our next certification class, to be held November 13-16 in Troy, Michigan. I hope to see some of you there.

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