kVA by UL’s functional safety consultants have contributed to the success of multiple ADAS programs, such as:

  • Driver-Takeover Controllability Testing for Automated Steering Function (ASIL D) – kVA by UL has supported several major OEM programs evaluating steering controllability for limited self-driving functions requiring highly-assured driver takeover capability.
  • Safe Development of Lane-Keep Assist (ASIL B/QM) – kVA by UL has represented an OEM in engineering and procurement processes with production suppliers of lake-keep-assist systems. A wide range of activities were supported including hazard analysis & risk assessment (HARA), FMEA/FTA, requirements allocation, controllability analysis and test case definition.
  • Cooperative-Adaptive Cruise Control with V2I/V2V – As lead safety consultant on an industry ADAS consortium (led by representatives from several major vehicle OEMs) kVA by UL led hazard analysis and risk assessment for ADAS enabled by vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle networking systems.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Requirements & Allocation Workshop (ASIL B) – kVA by UL led an onsite workshop for a major tier-1 supplier of EBS camera and radar systems, to derive ISO 26262 requirements using safety analysis. The workshop focused on requirements definition including both functional- and technical safety requirements.